There are hundreds of pest control service providers in and around South Africa. Choosing the right provider who will attend to your specific needs is not always easy. It is advisable to do your homework before settling on the professional pest control provider that you choose to sign a contract with.


 Consider the following before making any steadfast decisions:


 Does the company have a good reputation?

1. It is worthwhile browsing through customer forums and searching for complaints or compliments from people who have used the companyís pest control services previously. You can also ask the company itself for references from their clients. Itís advisable to ask them for references from current clients as this will give you a real-time indication of how well the company is performing. It is also worth your time to consider if the pest control service provider has experience with your type of industry and business.


 Does the company specialize in the type of pest control you need?

1. Some companies need overall pest control but others may need a specific type of pest control. For instance, if you have a bird problem, you must make sure that the company is specialized in the field of bird proofing as this particular pest control process is very technical and the correct equipment must be used at all times. Even a common pest such as termites, need specific treatment in order for the infestation to be effectively eradicated. Termite nests need to be identified and treated as well as the termites that are spotted crawling around the property - many times it is only the termites that are noticed that are eliminated and not the nests. The latter is however the root of the problem.


 Are the employees trained correctly and can they boast the necessary training certifications and licenses? Do the owners and workers know about the chemicals,