There are hundreds of pest control service providers in and around South Africa. Choosing the right provider who will attend to your specific needs is not always easy. It is advisable to do your homework before settling on the professional pest control provider that you choose to sign a contract with.


· Consider the following before making any steadfast decisions:


· Does the company have a good reputation?

1. It is worthwhile browsing through customer forums and searching for complaints or compliments from people who have used the company’s pest control services previously. You can also ask the company itself for references from their clients. It’s advisable to ask them for references from current clients as this will give you a real-time indication of how well the company is performing. It is also worth your time to consider if the pest control service provider has experience with your type of industry and business.


· Does the company specialize in the type of pest control you need?

1. Some companies need overall pest control but others may need a specific type of pest control. For instance, if you have a bird problem, you must make sure that the company is specialized in the field of bird proofing as this particular pest control process is very technical and the correct equipment must be used at all times. Even a common pest such as termites, need specific treatment in order for the infestation to be effectively eradicated. Termite nests need to be identified and treated as well as the termites that are spotted crawling around the property - many times it is only the termites that are noticed that are eliminated and not the nests. The latter is however the root of the problem.


· Are the employees trained correctly and can they boast the necessary training certifications and licenses? Do the owners and workers know about the chemicals, services and pests??

1. The Pest Control industry is regulated by Dept. of Food and Drug (FDA) According to this Act, all pest control operators must be registered with Dept. of Food and Drug (FDA) and the Pest control association recognized by the FDA since FDA hasn't started Accrediting at this time,  AII pest control operators by law must have such a certificate or accreditation through their Association.  NO FPA (Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority) licenses have been issued for the few years.


· If the company has implemented an HACCP system, does this pest control provider offer services that underpin this program?

1. HACCP is a system that identifies any potential hazards in the food production process. By contracting a professional pest control service, you are able to better control major food risks and remain compliant with legislations. Choosing a pest control provider who can assure you that they perform all the necessary pest control measures to underpin the HACCP system is ideal and assists to create a hassle-free risk management system.


· Preventative measures that businesses can take.

1. While it is vital to contract a professional pest control service provider for your business, it is advisable to have preventative measures in place to ward off an infestation. Even if you have an excellent pest controller maintaining your premises, implement the following measures to support their schedule:

2. Maintain a stringent cleaning schedule to prevent possible infestations;

3. Dispose of all organic waste correctly and seal your containers;

4. Fix leaking taps and pipes as pests are attracted to both food and water;

5. Ensure that your sanitation systems are in proper working order as inadequate sanitation encourages infestations;

6. Educate your staff about sanitation and hygiene best practices;

7. Ensure that all in-house cleaning staff adhere to a daily or weekly cleaning schedule;

8. If you have a kitchen on your premises, make sure that all the kitchen staff are educated about the proper disposal of waste;

9. Make sure that the outside rubbish bins are not close to any of the entrances to your property and make sure they are tightly sealed and regularly sanitised;

10. Equip all the cleaning staff with the necessary cleaning equipment to perform their jobs correctly.

11. Ensure that all necessary exclusion measures have been taken, to prevent pests from gaining entry, including door sweeps. Inspect the perimeter of your premises to identify possible rodent entry points under eaves of roof and other openings.







The Specialists have an extensive 24 years1 experience in the field of pest control making us a go-to professional pest control service provider.


We offer a comprehensive range of pest control services that result in an efficient and effective bouquet of treatments. Our services can address any infestation large or small and we have experience in a number of different industries and business types. We currently are contracted to various entities in both the public and private sector. These include government departments, hospitals, industrial and manufacturing plants and commercial properties.


· We offer an extensive range of professional pest control services.

If you have an infestation or simply want to prevent one from occurring we have a pest control solution for you. With 37 years’ experience in this field we have sought out only the very best techniques and methodologies which will assure you of a successful cure or prevention.


· We're industry accredited - which means that you're guaranteed superior service

1. As members of PEAP  (Pest Exterminator Association of the Philippines), Pest Control Professionals adhere to the high standards set for the industry, providing customers with peace of mind that they will enjoy a “gold standard service”.


· We’re known for professional, personalized service.

1. We pay close attention to the details of each client and tailor-make solutions that will address the unique needs of each of our clientele. Our focus is on the policy that emphasizes the importance of addressing all our client's needs effectively. In this way we can ensure that our work is of a superb quality and our clients remain safe within their work or play environments.


· We know how important health and safety is in the workplace.

1. Pest control is of vital importance, without it your company is bound to suffer an ill workforce which results in downtime, lack of productivity and ultimately, the loss of revenue. The Specialists understand the importance behind keeping your work environment clean, hygienic and pest-free. Therefore, we can offer a superb service that not only creates a safe environment but that also assists you in remaining compliant with all health and safety measures and legislations in your industry.